LUCE E' S.r.l.

Projecting and realising special lighting installations

Head Office: Via Arnolfo 46/A - 50121 Firenze - tel. 055/676024 - fax.055/676022 - Local Unit: Via de Cattani 188, int.7 - Osmannoro (FI)

ADB Phoenix 5

ADB Vision 10

Smoke Machine MDG TOURING

Low Smoke Machine JEM/MARTIN

Power Supply Generators Rental

uce Srl was born in 2002, merging two different professionalities. Today Alberto Mariani's long experience (Luce Snc, Firenze) and Marco Cittadoni's technical support (ATN Snc, Spoleto) are integrated with the work of good collaborators.

It is a craftsman firm that works as hire or service, in primary national and international contexts.

Best attentions are addressed to offer selected and avant-garde equipment, to personalize and mantein it, in order to offer it to the Main Theatres, expecially to the Liric Circuit.

Our distinction is, not only on consultancy and assistance on hardware functionality, but also on projecting and realising special installations in architectural, theatral and television fields.


PANI 4000

MAC 2000 Performance

Whisper Color Change 1/2/5 KW

Jimmy Jib Trolley rental for TV sets



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